5th Official German INWO Championships on 17th and 18th November 2001 at KellerKult Convention in Duisburg

Lars Aretz defends his Title in a Nine Hours Marathon Final

by Birger Krämer

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Harry Heumer's Semifinaldeck:

Discordian Society
Suicide Squad
General Disorder
South American Nazis
Evil Geniuses for a better tomorrow
L-4 Society
Comic Books
Society for Creative Anarchism
Reformed Church of Satan
Pale People in Black
Gay Activists
Cycle Gangs
Interesting Times
Fear and Loathing (2x)
World Hunger (2x)
Energy Crisis
Apathy (2x)
New Blood
The Weird turn Pro
Albino Alligators (2x)
Terrorist Nuke (2x)
Cold Fusion
Attitude Mutation
More Slack
Crackdown on Crime
Waiting Period
Straighten up
Cover of Darkness (2x)
Deasil Engine (2x)
Weird - Reload
Freaking The Mundanes
Decency is OK
...Or Kill Me!

 Strategie: Control of SMOF gets you a +10 to control any weird group. This works for all your groups, which are all weird. You even get a + 14 for control of your violent weird groups! Boost your groups to power 3 or more via CONspiracy or South American Nazis and use New Blood and The Weird Turn Pro. This deck simply works, give it a try!

 Prelude of this year's German INWO Constructed Deck Final

 Exceptions from the Official Tournament Rules and all FAQs were: Play with exactly 50 cards. Control 11 groups including Illuminati for victory. No shared victories allowed. If two or more players reach their victory conditions at the same time, only the player whose turn it is wins. Note: If two or more Illuminati playing the same factions reach their victory conditions at the same time, still none of them wins. The special cards INDIA and FABRIK, handed out to and created for all INWO players who joined past German INWO tourneys, were legal and available for all players who still didn't own them. I gave away my last of more than 500 copies during KellerKult, but someday I might print new ones. These cards will be made available for download in high and low resolution someday in the future on this site, so return here, or drop me a line if you want to be informed in time. The reason why I still haven't posted them here is that I am not satsified with the standard of the cards any more. Blame Photohsop!
I've heard rumours that Lars, who defended his title, wants to be become Grandmaster on the INWO ratings site in 2002 (where Christian Stenner is on top at the moment) . BTW, this year has been the first time for Christian Jesus C. Stenner, that he didn't make it into the Constructed Deck Final. To avoid 6 player games which tend to be endless, Christian played a 3 player game against my old-school, fine-tuned Discordian Society Deck and Sven Blievernichts Cthulhus, which he lost agaisnt me (See Marc Shermans INWO Ratings page). He won the late-night 6-player Booster Draftt Game, though. 
  The Final
 The Finalists were (in order of play): Harry Heumer (Servants of Cthulhu), Reiner Lohse (Gnomes of Zurich), Birger Krämer (yes, that‘s me with The Servants of Cthulhu), Christian 'Lobi‘ Lobner (Servants of Cthulhu) and Lars Aretz (Adepts of Hermes). As last year, he who detects the 'flow' of a tournament, wins! We all thought Nevermore would be one of the first plots to be played, but Lars was the only one who thought a minute when it was clear who had qualified for the Final, and decided we were non-nervermore gamers. True - I have always hated Nevermores, because I like to repeat dirty tricks during one game, Reiner tends to play with Powerful NWOs and lots of Good Polls, Lobi is not such an experienced player who knows how to build strong decks without duplicates, so Harry, declared friend of Nevermore, was the only risk, but Lars planned to cancel Harrys potential Nevermore. A wise decision - Harry didn't have a Nevermore at all. Lars next game-deciding decision: He changed his deck before the final, put in all Interesting Times he owns and 5 cancel cards. His lead Rosicrucians combined with the Shroud of Turin (He ATOed it on his first turn) allowed him absolute plot ontrol. We wouldn't have been able to get Nevermore in effect, even if we combined all our powers! 3 Cthulhus should be able to kill one Adept, you might think, but Lars very fast controlled the Holy Grail and the Arc of the Covenant, and no player wanted to lose one of his poweful groups, which would have been the inevitable result of a successfull attack agianst the Champion. We should have tried to kick Lars out of the Game, but when we realised that, Lars already controlled Count Dracula, who had become the Secret Master, so in fact Lars always was at least one step ahead. The final itself went for more than 9 hours, an incredible INWO marathon, hardened through the fact that the Championships started at 10.23 am and ended at half past 6 am on the next day!
  Reiner's Gnomes where the first who, in his third turn, tried to win,but he was stopped with Interetsing Times played by Lars, and Harry exposed another copy. Then Reiner wanted to play Seize the Time, but I canceled this attempt. AND I told him he called up in Hell and sent him a Sorry Wrong Number! I killed two of his groups, (Federal Reserve and the IRS). After all, Reiner lost two important arms during my turn. Then my Aluminum Supersonics attacked Lobis Cyborg Soldiered SLACK with a privileged attack, along with a +10 and an agent. The attack succeeded, and now it was my turn to declare victory. I controlled SLACK, Secret FisTemples, boosted with the holy number of BOB, www.subgenius.com, the CIA and the Aluminum Supersonics. The first three groups counted double with my Goal Brag of the SubGenius, I had destroyed two groups, which added up to 11 groups with my Servants. Interesting Times was in effect since Reiner's victory atempt - no problem for me, I had two blue NWOs but before I played it, Reiner exposed another IT. Harry also had exposed IT, so no chance for me to grab a win. I knocked.
  At this point of the game, Nevermore probably would have decided the game: One of the three Cthulhus should have been able to declare victory before Lars or Reiner would be near their victory conditions, but as said before: Nevermore wasn't in any of the finalists' decks. From that point of the game, it was very clear that winning without 'natural' control of 11 groups would be very hard, if not to say impossible: Two Interesting Times were already exposed, that means a player who wanted to win would be forced to play 3 blue NWOs, and this only let him get rid of all visible barriers. Lars, for example, always had the ability to draw at least two plots from any position of his deck. So the game continued very, very slowly, and soon it was 3, 4 ,5 am on Sunday morning.
  The Cthulhus destroyed some groups, and SLACK and the Ninjas moved from one Power Structure to the other. Lars always tended to look harmless, though he was unattackable. Reiner grew slowly bigger, we didn't kill him, because Cthulhus prefer to let their oponents survive, so that they can still their hunger on more victims. At around six o'clock, we were really thinking about setting up a rematch of the final on a different day, which would have been an absolute novum. Lars later told me that this situation was the worst for him during the whole game, because he knew that his sure win was coming closer and closer the longer the final went, but, of course, he couldn't tell us that! We decided that we'd try to see what happens for another hour. It was clear that the next player trying to win wouldn't get through, and that the player who's turn it would be next had increased chances, but no one wanted to try. No one, except Reiner. He had grown bigger slowly, and he simply wanted that the game came to an end. Reiner declared victory, but after the second IT, one played by Harry and one played by Lars, the attempt failed.
  Now it was my turn to reach out my hand for world domination: My Supersonics successfully attacked SLACK, once again part of Lobis Cthulhus, with the help of The Secret FisTemples, which were controlled by the CIA and therefore violent. My CIA censorshipped Ronald Reagan, and I somehow also managed to control Helmut Kohl away from Reiner. I controlled 13 groups (including my destroyed ones), and was able to get rid of two Interetsting Times and a violent paralyse card which Lobi had exposed. Then Lars asked me if I knew what I were doing there, because I had an unprotected (that is token-less) arm with 4 groups and only one Illuminati token left. I answered that I'd be able to wash away all opposing visible plots and something more, and if he showed me that I couldn't win, I migt be willing to spend my last token for reorganitzation of my huge arm. Lars flipped over a SMWNMTK and an Interesting Times. For the last time in this year's final, I knocked. Lobi killed Lars' Las Vegas, but Lars couldn't be stopped any more.
  In his winning move, Lars controlled Count Dracula, the Vampires, the Rosicrucians and the Adepts of Hermes plus 5 Magic Resources. He had also destroyed California, which counted as two destroyed groups because he played with Population Reduction. He still owned 4 blue NWOs and a SMWNMTK, so this was a clear, though late, win. Let's see if Lars will manage the Hattrick next year.

Here are the Finalists' Decks of the 5th German INWO Championships 2001:
Meisterdeck of Lars Aretz
Adepts of Hermes
Flying Saucer
The Holy Grail
Shroud of Turin
Chrystal Skull
Ark of the Covenant
Spear of Longinus
The Frog God (2x)
Rosicrucians (Lead, Anfangsgruppe)
Fraternal Orders
Robot Sea Monsters
Count Dracula
Interesting Times (NWO blau, 4x)
Global Warming (NWO blau, 2x)
World Hunger (NWO, blau)
Fear & Loathing (NWO, blau)
Population Reduction (Goal, 2x)
Giant Kudzu (2x)
Meteor Strike (2x)
Flash Eating Bacteria
SecretsMWNMTK (2x)
Tape runs out ...
Back to the Salt Mines (3x)
Savings & Loan Scam (2x, um Plots zu ziehen)
Forgery (2x, für Resources)
Grave Robbers
Secret Master (für Count Dracula)
Messiah (für Count Dracula)

2nd Place Deck by Birger Krämer
Servants of Cthulhu
Advanced Supersonics
Secret FisTemples
Local Police Departments
Secret Service
Congressional Wives
Helmut Kohl
Conny Dobbs
Rev. Ivan Stang
Ronald Reagan
Sacred Stencil
Perpetual Motion Machine
Australian Rules (NWO red, 2x)
Law and Order (NWO yellow, 2x)
Watermelons (NWO, blue)
Energiekrise (NWO, blue)
Fear and Loathing (NWO, blue)
Brag of the SubGenius (Goal, 2x)
Censorship (2x)
Privileged Attack
Secrets MWNMTK
Tape Runs Out...
...Or Kill Me!
Attitude Mutation
Sorry, Wrong Number (Zap)
Savings and Loan Scam (2x)
Official, Divine, All-Inclusive Excuse (2x)
Just Say No
Terrorist Nuke (2x)
Martial Law
Giant Kudzu
Truck Bomb
Good Polls
Straighten Up
New Blood

3rd Place Deck # 1 by Harry Heumer:
Servants of Cthulhu
Suicide Squad
Cyborg Soldiers
General Disorder
Cycle Gangs
Clone Arrangers
Phone Phreaks
Local Police Departments
Robot Sea Monsters
Fiendish Flouridators
Secret Service
Arms Dealers
Reformed Church of Satan
Decency is OK
Waiting Period
Cover of Darkness
Crackdown on Crime
Terrorist Nuke
Market Manipulation
Faction Fight
Hit and Run
Truck Bomb
Withering Curse
Plague of Demons
World Hunger
Cold Fusion
Are we having fun yet
Global Warming
Charismatic Leader
Interesting Times
Swiss Bank Account
More Slack
The Big Score
Giant Kudzu
Attitude Mutation
Energy Crisis
Privileged Attack
Atomic Monster
Nuclear Accident

3rd Place Deck # 2 by Reiner Lohse-Schwan:
Gnomes of Zurich
Orbital Mind Control Laser
Suicide Squad
Liquor Companies
Federal Reserve
Wall Street
Tobacco Companies
Multinational Oil Companies
Nuclear Power Companies
Offshore Banks
Phone Company
Bank of England
Savings and Loans
Cable TV
Madison Avenue
Savings & Loan Scam
Good Polls (5x)
Stock Split (2x)
Currency Speculation (2x)
Martial Law (2x)
The Big Score
Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know (2x)
Auditor from Hell (2x)
Seize the Time !
Mob Influence
Tax Reform
Bigger Business (2x)
Chicken in Every Pot (2x)
Interesting Times (2x)
...Or Kill Me !
Stealing the Plans
Swiss Bank Account

Picture-Gallery of 5th German INWO Championships

Thanx to Michael / Kellerkult for the Pix!