Decks to rule the World (part 1)

by Christian Stenner (2000)

#1: Illuminati: Discordian Society

Groups: -censored-, -censored-, Hour of Slack, MWOWM, Hackers, Good Sex for MDL, Psychatrists, Science Alarmists, SubGenius FisTemples, CONspiracy, Comic Books, SMOF, WITCH Resources: PMM, XANADU, Suicide Squad, Crystal Skull

Plots: 9 Straighten Up, Nationalization, Savings+Loan Scam, Seize the Time, Waiting Period, Chain Letters, 2 Albino Alligators, 2 Privileged Attack, Fear and Loathing, 3 World Hunger, 8 Don't forget to Smash the State, Back up Plan, -censored-

#2: Illuminati: Gnomes of Zurich,

Groups: CIA, Madison Ave, Cattle Mutilators, NSA, Templars, Fußballprofis, Bank of E. ,Wall Street ,Savings+Loan Scam ,Offshore Banks ,Cable TV, Federal Reserve, IRS, Junk Mail, PPM, Multinational Oil Comp

Plots: 3 Interesting Times , 3 Secrets, 2 Bigger Business, 2 Good Polls, 3 Privi, 3 Savings+Loan Scam, 4 Apathy, 3 Chicken in every Pot, 3 Censorships, Seize the Time, Auditor from Hell, Crackdown on Crime, Upheaval, Metric System, Gremlins, Waiting Period

#3: Illuminati: Shangri-La

Goups: Clone Arrangers, Advanced Supersonics, General Disorder, Newt Gingrich, Silicon Valley, Moonbase, Orbit One, IOU, Robot Sea Monsters, Fiendish Fluoridators,

Plots: 3 Alien Abduction, 6 Savings+Loan Scam, 2 World Hunger, 4 Interesting Times, 4 Secrets, An Offer You can`t refuse, 3 Apathy, Are we having Fun Yet, 4 Blinded by Science, 5 Privileged Attack, Seize the Time, 4 Back to the Salt Mines

Note: -censored- Cards are part of the forthcoming INWO Expansion DFD and are therefore not mentioned here. Expect DiscordianFireDrill to be released in 2002. Birger